Unlike gearboxes and clutches where problems can be diagnosed, Cambelts will naturally wear and require replacement after a set time or mileage interval. However each car manufacturer will recommend different intervals for different models. Failure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines can lead to costly damage, so we recommend that you contact our highly qualified mechanics or enquire next time you have your car serviced by Douglas Compton. Finding out when your cambelt should be changed is easier than having your brakes checked, but can be far more expensive if you overlook it.


Tyre fitting and replacement is the newest addition to the range of general repairs and servicing offered at Douglas Compton.

In line with our commitment to our customers, we offer the highest quality tyres to suit every budget and can offer a lifetime guarantee on a selected range. We keep a majority of tyre types, sizes and tyre brands in-stock, so if you find yourself with a puncture don’t worry, just drop into Douglas Compton that performs this service and we should be able to fit a new tyre there and then. However, if the tyre can be repaired, we will correct the problem.


The exhaust system is an important component of your vehicle. Firstly, the exhaust helps to direct noxious gases away from the cabin, so you will not be exposed to gases that can harm your immediate and long term health.

Another important function of the exhaust is to make sure your car is being as fuel efficient as possible, by monitoring the levels of oxygen emitted and using this information to balance the fuel/air mix of the engine to the optimum level.

We stock a wide selection of exhausts for all types of vehicles, so whether you find yourself in need of a new silencer or entire exhaust system, we can help you straight away, we can inspect and replace your exhaust whilst you wait.

That’s a same-day exhaust replacement service!


As the UK’s leading clutch specialist, Douglas Compton are the number one stop for all of your clutch repairs and replacement needs. We have been replacing clutches for over a quarter of a century and during this time we have fitted over one million clutches and gained a competitive edge in parts supply, quality, technical fitting knowledge and speed of clutch replacement.


Our bodywork service is set up to give our customers flexibility and convenience at all times.We offer free estimates for bodywork repairs, making arrangements for insurance assessors to visit the site and inspect the car if required, and work with all major insurance companies.

Our prices are extremely competitive and we offer a fast turnaround on bodywork repairs for all makes of car.


All MoT tests are completed by a qualified MoT tester, Now you can arrange an appointment online and have an MoT test completed up to one month before the expiry of your MoT. Why not service your car at Douglas Compton at the same time as your MoT? With trained technicians, the latest diagnostic equipment, guaranteed parts and labour – why pay more elsewhere?